The Two Noble Kinsmen


Act I
Act II
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Act V

Enter Gaoler's Daughter alone
brake (n.) 1 bush, thicket


He has mistook the brake I meant, is gone

After his fancy. 'Tis now wellnigh morning.
fancy (n.) 7 whim, inclination, caprice

No matter; would it were perpetual night,

And darkness lord o'th' world. Hark; 'tis a wolf!

In me hath grief slain fear, and but for one thing

I care for nothing, and that's Palamon.

I reck not if the wolves would jaw me, so
jaw (v.) bite, eat, devour
reck (v.) regard, heed, care [for]

He had this file; what if I hallowed for him?
hallow, holloa, hollow (v.) 1 shout, yell, cry out

I cannot hallow; if I whooped, what then?

If he not answered, I should call a wolf,

And do him but that service. I have heard

Strange howls this livelong night; why may't not be

They have made prey of him? He has no weapons;

He cannot run; the jingling of his gyves
gyve (n.) 1 (plural) fetters, shackles

Might call fell things to listen, who have in them
fell (adj.) 1 cruel, fierce, savage

A sense to know a man unarmed, and can

Smell where resistance is. I'll set it down
set down (v.) 2 log, make note, put on record

He's torn to pieces; they howled many together,

And then they fed on him; so much for that.

Be bold to ring the bell. How stand I then?
bold (adj.) 4 ready, unafraid, prepared
stand (v.) 2 continue, remain, wait, stay put

All's chared when he is gone. No, no, I lie;
chare (v.) do, accomplish, finish

My father's to be hanged for his escape,

Myself to beg, if I prized life so much
beg (v.) 1 become a beggar

As to deny my act; but that I would not,

Should I try death by dozens. I am moped;
dozens, by in dozens of different ways
moped (adj.) bewildered, confused, in a daze
try (v.) 4 experience, undergo, endure

Food took I none these two days; sipped some water.

I have not closed mine eyes,

Save when my lids scoured off their brine. Alas,
brine (n.) 1 salt water [i.e. tears]

Dissolve, my life; let not my sense unsettle,
sense (n.) 5 mind, power of reason, wits
unsettle (v.) become unsettled, be disturbed

Lest I should drown, or stab, or hang myself.

O state of nature, fail together in me,
nature (n.) 2 natural powers, normal state [of mind and body]
together (adv.) 2 all at once, at the same time

Since thy best props are warped! So, which way now?

The best way is the next way to a grave;
next (adj.) nearest, shortest, most direct

Each errant step beside is torment. Lo,
beside (adv.) 1 to the side, from that path
errant (adj.) wandering, straying, erring

The moon is down, the crickets chirp, the screech owl

Calls in the dawn. All offices are done,
office (n.) 1 task, service, duty, responsibility See Topics: Frequency count

Save what I fail in; but the point is this,

An end, and that is all.
end (n.) 4 death, ending [of life]


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