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Enter Cloten alone


I am near to th' place where they should meet, if

Pisanio have mapped it truly. How fit his garments
fit (adj.) 1 suited, fitting, appropriate
serve (v.) 4 be of use, render service, be an advantage [to]

serve me! Why should his mistress who was made by

him that made the tailor, not be fit too? The rather –
fit (adj.) 1 suited, fitting, appropriate

saving reverence of the word – for 'tis said a woman's
saving reverence begging pardon for, with apologies for See Topics: Politeness

fitness comes by fits. Therein I must play the workman,
fitness (n.) 2 inclination, readiness
workman (n.) craftsman, skilled worker

I dare speak it to myself, for it is not vain-glory
vainglory, vain-glory (n.) 1 undue vanity, unwarranted pride

for a man and his glass to confer in his own chamber;
glass (n.) 1 mirror, looking-glass See Topics: Frequency count

I mean, the lines of my body are as well drawn as his;

no less young, more strong, not beneath him in fortunes,
fortune (n.) 1 good fortune, success

beyond him in the advantage of the time,
advantage (n.) 1 right moment, favourable opportunity
time (n.) 7 circumstance, particular occasion

above him in birth, alike conversant in general services,
general (adj.) 1 common, of everyone, public
service (n.) 1 action, performance

and more remarkable in single oppositions;
opposition (n.) 1 presenting for combat, contesting, encounter
single (adj.) 1 individual, particular

yet this imperseverant thing loves him in my despite.
despite, in 1 in spite of [one], as opposed to [one]
imperceiverant (adj.) [unclear meaning] unperceptive, undiscerning
imperseverant (adj.) [unclear meaning] stubborn, obstinate

What mortality is! Posthumus, thy head – which now
mortality (n.) 1 mortal nature, human life

is growing upon thy shoulders – shall within this hour

be off, thy mistress enforced, thy garments cut to
enforce (v.) 5 rape, violate, ravish

pieces before thy face: and all this done, spurn
spurn (v.) 2 kick, strike, stamp [on], dash

her home to her father, who may – haply – be a little

angry for my so rough usage: but my mother, having
haply (adv.) perhaps, maybe, by chance, with luck See Topics: Frequency count

power of his testiness, shall turn all into my commendations.
power (n.) 7 control, influence, sway

My horse is tied up safe, out, sword, and

to a sore purpose! Fortune, put them into my hand!
purpose (n.) 2 point at issue, matter in hand
sore (adj.) 2 serious, grievous, grave

This is the very description of their meeting-place,

and the fellow dares not deceive me.


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