The Merchant of Venice

Act I
Act II
Act IV
Act V
Enter Portia and Nerissa, disguised as before


Inquire the Jew's house out, give him this deed,

And let him sign it. We'll away tonight

And be a day before our husbands home.

This deed will be well welcome to Lorenzo.

Enter Gratiano


Fair sir, you are well o'erta'en.

My Lord Bassanio upon more advice
advice (n.) 1 consideration, reflection, deliberation

Hath sent you here this ring, and doth entreat

Your company at dinner.


                         That cannot be.

His ring I do accept most thankfully,

And so I pray you tell him. Furthermore,

I pray you show my youth old Shylock's house.


That will I do.


                         Sir, I would speak with you.

(aside to Portia) I'll see if I can get my husband's ring,

Which I did make him swear to keep for ever.


(aside to Nerissa)
old (adj.) 4 plenty of, abundant, more than enough
warrant (v.) 1 assure, promise, guarantee, confirm See Topics: Frequency count

Thou mayst, I warrant. We shall have old swearing

That they did give the rings away to men,

But we'll outface them, and outswear them too.
outswear (v.) 2 outdo in swearing

Away, make haste. Thou know'st where I will tarry.
tarry (v.) 1 stay, remain, linger


Come, good sir, will you show me to this house?


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