Antony and Cleopatra

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter Casar, and his Army.Enter Caesar and his army AC IV.xi.1.1
But being charg'd, we will be still by Land,But being charged, we will be still by land – still (adj.)
quiet, calm, subdued
AC IV.xi.1
charge (v.)

old form: charg'd
attack, assail, storm
Which as I tak't we shall, for his best forceWhich, as I take't, we shall, for his best force AC IV.xi.2
Is forth to Man his Gallies. To the Vales,Is forth to man his galleys. To the vales,vale (n.)
valley, lowland
AC IV.xi.3
And hold our best aduantage. And hold our best advantage.hold (v.)
keep, maintain, observe
AC IV.xi.4
advantage (n.)

old form: aduantage
advantageous position, place of vantage, superiority
exeunt.Exeunt AC IV.xi.4
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