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Symbols and abbreviations

Here are the grammatical labels we've used for our Glossary headwords, along with the abbreviations and punctuation marks that help to keep our entries as short as possible.

adj adjective
adv adverb
conj conjunction
det determiner
F Folio
f feminine [in French, Latin, Spanish, and Italian grammar]
ff [in line references] and following lines
int interjection
m masculine [in French, Latin, Spanish, and Italian grammar]
n noun
nt. neuter [in Latin grammar]
OP original pronunciation
part particle
prep preposition
pron pronunciation
Q Quarto
QQ Quartos
v verb
> [in panels] becomes, develops into
>> see, see also
? [in panels] unclear meaning or usage
= equivalent term or meaning
/ Marks a shared word in a headword: call on / upon; Marks a line break in a quotation: this rough magic / I here abjure
... Marks omitted words in a quotation: we'll ... take upon's the mystery of things
( ) Contain grammatical information
[ ] Contain stylistic and explanatory matter in definitions
Contain alternative prepositions in definitions
Contain contextual matter before a quotation
Contain clarifying grammatical words within a quotation
Contain textual alternatives following a quotation
Contain clarificatory matter following a quotation


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