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afeard (adj.) Old form(s): a feare, a-feard , a-fear'd, afear'd, affeard, affear'd
afraid, frightened, scared
1H4 II.iv.359[Falstaff to Prince Hal] art not thou horrible afeard?
1H6 IV.vii.93[Lucy to Charles, of the Talbots] from their ashes shall be reared / A phoenix that shall make all France afeard
2H6 II.iv.89[Duchess to herself] Death, at whose name I oft have been afeard
AC II.iii.23[Soothsayer to Antony, of Caesar] But near him thy angel / Becomes afeard, as being o'erpowered
AC II.v.81.1[Charmian to Cleopatra, of a Messenger] He is afeard to come
AC III.iii.1.2[Alexas to Cleopatra, of a Messenger] Half afeard to come
AW V.iii.153[King to Countess] I am afeard the life of Helen, lady, / Was foully snatched
Cym IV.ii.94.2[Cloten to Guiderius] Art not afeard?
H5 IV.i.137[Williams to King Henry] I am afeard there are few die well that die in a battle
Ham V.ii.293[Hamlet to Laertes] I am afeard you make a wanton of me
JC II.ii.67[Caesar to all] Have I in conquest stretched mine arm so far, / To be afeard to tell greybeards the truth?
KJ IV.ii.135[Bastard to King John] if you be afeard to hear the worst
LLL V.ii.575[Costard to Nathaniel as Alexander] A conqueror, and afeard to speak?
Luc.1035[Lucrece as if to her hand] thou couldst not defend thy loyal dame, / And wast afeard to scratch her wicked foe
MA II.iii.153[Leonato to Don Pedro and Claudio, of Beatrice] the ecstasy hath so much overborne her that my daughter is sometime afeard she will do a desperate outrage to herself
Mac I.iii.95[Ross to Macbeth, of Duncan] He finds thee in the stout Norweyan ranks, / Nothing afeard of what thyself didst make, / Strange images of death
Mac I.vii.39[Lady Macbeth to Macbeth] Art thou afeard / To be the same in thine own act and valour / As thou art in desire?
Mac V.i.36[Lady Macbeth to herself, of Macbeth] A soldier and afeard?
MND III.i.107[Bottom alone, of his companions] This is a knavery of them to make me afeard
MND III.i.25[Snout to all] Will not the ladies be afeard of the lion?
MV I.ii.41[Portia to Nerissa of the Neapolitan prince] I am much afeard my lady his mother played false with a smith
MV II.ix.96[Portia to Messenger, of the visitor] I am half afeard / Thou wilt say anon he is some kin to thee
MV II.vii.29[Morocco to himself] to be afeard of my deserving / Were but a weak disabling of myself
MW III.iv.28[Slender to Shallow] I am afeard
RJ II.ii.139[Romeo to himself] I am afeard, / Being in night, all this is but a dream
Tem II.ii.142[Trinculo to Stephano, of Caliban] this is a very shallow monster! I afeard of him
Tem II.ii.58[Stephano to the supposed monster] I have not 'scaped drowning to be afeard now of your four legs
Tem II.ii.99[Trinculo to Stephano] I am Trinculo--be not afeard
Tem III.ii.134[Caliban to Stephano] Art thou afeard?
TS V.ii.17[Widow to Petruchio] never trust me if I be afeard
WT IV.iv.439[Perdita to Florizel] I was not much afeard
WT IV.iv.460[Florizel to Perdita] I am but sorry, not afeard

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