bent (adj.)
determined, intent, resolved
2H6 II.i.162[Buckingham to King, of the traitors] A sort of naughty persons, lewdly bent
Ham IV.iii.44[Claudius to Hamlet] everything is bent / For England
KJ II.i.422[King John to Hubert] We are bent to hear
Mac III.iv.133[Macbeth to Lady Macbeth] I am bent to know / By the worst means the worst
MND III.ii.145[Helena to all] I see you all are bent / To set against me for your merriment
Per Chorus.II.23[Gower alone, of Helicanus] Sends word ... / How Thaliard came full bent with sin
Sonn.90.2[] while the world is bent my deeds to cross
Tit IV.iv.64[Aemilius to Saturninus, of the Goths] bent to the spoil, / They hither march amain
Ven.618[Venus to Adonis, of a boar] Like to a mortal butcher bent to kill

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