massy (adj.) Old form(s): massie
massive, heavy, colossal
E3 II.i.137[King Edward to Lodowick, of the Countess] Hers more to praise than tell ... the massy earth by sands
Ham III.iii.17[Rosencrantz to Claudius] a massy wheel [of Fortune]
MA III.iii.134[Borachio to Conrade, of a picture of Hercules] his codpiece seems as massy as his club
TC II.iii.16[Thersites alone, of Ajax's and Achilles' wit] it will not ... deliver a fly from a spider without drawing their massy irons and cutting the web
TC prologue.17[Prologue, of the six city gates] with massy staples / And corresponsive and fulfilling bolts
Tem III.iii.68[Ariel to Alonso, Sebastian, and Antonio] Your swords are now too massy for your strengths

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