meet (adj.) Old form(s): mcete, meete
fit, suitable, right, proper
1H4 IV.i.33[Hotspur to Worcester and Douglas, of Northumberland] nor did he think it meet / To lay so dangerous and dear a trust / On any soul removed but on his own
2H4 II.ii.37[Prince Henry to Poins] I tell thee it is not meet that I should be sad now my father is sick
2H4 IV.ii.117[Prince John to the rebel leaders] look to taste the due / Meet for rebellion and such acts as yours
2H6 I.iii.158[Gloucester to King] York is meetest man / To be your Regent in the realm of France
2H6 III.i.237[Cardinal to all, of Gloucester] 'Tis meet he be condemned by course of law
2H6 III.i.291[York to all, of Somerset going to Ireland] 'Tis meet that lucky ruler be employed
3H6 V.iv.6[Queen to all] Yet lives our pilot still. Is't meet that he / Should leave the helm
AC[Caesar to Pompey] Most meet / That first we come to words
AC V.i.49[Caesar to Maecenas] I will tell you at some meeter season
Cor III.i.167[Coriolanus to all, of Brutus and Sicinius] In a rebellion, / When what's not meet, but what must be, was law, / Then were they chosen
Cym[Queen to Cornelius, of using new drugs] is't not meet / That I did amplify my judgement in / Other conclusions?
H5 I.ii.255[Ambassador to King Henry, of the Dauphin] He therefore sends you, meeter for your spirit, / This tun of treasure
H5 II.iv.15[Dauphin to French King] It is most meet we arm us 'gainst the foe
H5 IV.i.77[Fluellen to Gower] If the enemy is an ass, and a fool, and a prating coxcomb, is it meet, think you, that we should also, look you, be an ass, and a fool, and a prating coxcomb?
H5 IV.i.98[disguised King Henry to Bates, of Erpingham telling his thoughts to the King] nor it is not meet he should
Ham I.v.107[Hamlet alone, of his thought] My tables--meet it is I set it down
Ham I.v.171[Hamlet to Horatio and Marcellus] As I perchance hereafter shall think meet / To put an antic disposition on
Ham III.iii.31[Polonius to Claudius, of the meeting between Hamlet and Gertrude] ] 'Tis meet that some more audience than a mother ... should o'erhear / The speech
Ham V.i.95[First Clown singing] For such a guest is meet
JC I.ii.169[Brutus to Cassius] I will with patience hear, and find a time / Both meet to hear and answer such high things
JC I.ii.308[Cassius alone] it is meet / That noble minds keep ever with their likes
JC II.i.155[Cassius to all] I think it is not meet / Mark Antony ... Should outlive Caesar
JC III.ii.142[Antony to the Plebeians] It is not meet you know how Caesar loved you
JC IV.i.13[Antony to Octavius, of Lepidus] This is a slight unmeritable man, / Meet to be sent on errands
JC IV.iii.124[Poet to all, of Brutus and Cassius] 'tis not meet / They be alone
JC IV.iii.7[Cassius to Brutus] In such a time as this it is not meet / That every nice offence should bear his comment
KJ V.vii.94[Salisbury to Bastard, of the Cardinal] With whom yourself, myself, and other lords, / If you think meet, this afternoon will post / To consummate this business happily
KL I.ii.180[Edmund alone] All with me's meet that I can fashion fit
KL I.ii.90[Edmund to Gloucester, of talkign to Edgar] If your honour judge it meet I will place you where you shall hear us confer of this
KL IV.vii.11[Kent to Cordelia] My boon I make it that you know me not / Till time and I think meet
LLL V.ii.237.3[Berowne to Princess, of the word ‘gall’ being bitter] Therefore meet
MA I.i.113[Beatrice to Benedick] Is it possible disdain should die while she hath such meet food to feed it as Signor Benedick?
MA II.ii.30[Borachio to Don John] find me a meet hour to draw Don Pedro and the Count Claudio alone
Mac V.i.16[Doctor to Gentlewoman, of her telling him what Lady Macbeth has said] 'tis most meet you should
MM I.ii.151[Claudio to Lucio, of Juliet's friends] From whom we thought it meet to hide our love
MM II.iii.30[disguised Duke to Juliet, of her repenting] 'Tis meet so
MM IV.ii.21[Provost to Abhorson, of Pompey] If you think it meet, compound with him by the year
MM V.i.536[Duke to all] bring us to our palace, where we'll show / What's yet behind, that's meet you all should know
MV III.v.68[Jessica to Lorenzo] It is very meet / The Lord Bassanio live an upright life
MV IV.i.115[Antonio to Bassanio] I am a tainted wether of the flock, / Meetest for death
MV IV.i.401[Duke to Portia as Balthasar] I must away this night toward Padua, / And it is meet I presently set forth
MW I.i.33[Evans to Shallow] It is not meet the Council hear a riot
Oth I.i.146[Iago to Roderigo] It seems not meet, nor wholesome to my place, / To be produced
Oth IV.ii.106[Desdemona alone] 'Tis meet I should be used so, very meet
Per III.i.54[Pericles to First Sailor, of throwing supposedly dead Thaisa overboard] As you think meet
R2 V.iii.117[Duchess of York to King Henry] No word like ‘Pardon’ for kings' mouths so meet
R3 II.ii.139[Rivers to all] it is meet so few should fetch the Prince
R3 III.v.73[Richard to Buckingham] at your meet'st advantage of the time, / Infer the bastardy of Edward's children
TC I.iii.333[Nestor to all, of a proposal] It is most meet
TC I.iii.358[Ulysses to all] 'tis meet Achilles meet not Hector
TC II.ii.73[Troilus to Hector] It was thought meet / Paris should do some vengeance on the Greeks
TG I.iii.12[Panthino to Antonio, of Antonio's brother] He said that Proteus your son was meet
TG II.iv.75[Duke to Valentine, of Proteus] He is as worthy for an empress' love / As meet to be an emperor's counsellor
TG II.vii.58[Julia to Lucetta] let me have / What thou thinkest meet
Tit III.i.178[Titus to Lucius, of his hands] Such withered herbs as these / Are meet for plucking up
TS induction.2.129[Lord to Sly, of seeing a play] For so your doctors hold it very meet
TS V.ii.140[Katherina to Bianca and Widow, of opposing a husband] in no sense is meet or amiable
WT II.ii.46[Emilia to and of Paulina, of taking the baby to Leontes] There is no lady living / So meet for this great errand