modesty (n.) Old form(s): Modestie
moderation, restraint, discipline
H8 IV.ii.74[Katherine to Griffith] With thy religious truth and modesty
H8 V.iii.64[Cranmer to Gardiner] Win straying souls with modesty again
Ham II.ii.439[Hamlet to First Player, of a play] set down with as much modesty as cunning
Ham III.ii.19[Hamlet to Players] o'erstep not the modesty of nature
Ham V.i.204[Hamlet to Horatio, of Alexander] to follow him ... with modesty enough
JC III.i.213[Antony to Cassius, of praising Caesar] The enemies of Caesar shall say this; / Then, in a friend, it is cold modesty
MV V.i.205[Portia to Bassanio, of her ring] What man ... wanted the modesty / To urge the thing held as a ceremony
TS induction.1.66[Lord to Huntsmen, of transforming Sly] It will be pastime passing excellent, / If it be husbanded with modesty
TS induction.1.92[Lord to First Player] I am doubtful of your modesties [i.e. whether you can control yourselves]