move (v.) Old form(s): moou'd , mou'd , moue , moued
encourage, instigate, prompt
2H6 III.i.378[York alone, of Cade] I know no pain ... / Will make him say I moved him to those arms
AC II.i.42.1[Menas to Pompey, of Antony and Caesar, respectively] His brother warred upon him - although, I think, / Not moved by Antony
Cym I.ii.34[Queen to herself, of Cymbeline] yet I'll move him / To walk this way
Cym V.v.343[Belarius to Cymbeline, of Euriphile stealing the children] I moved her to't
H8 V.i.100[King Henry to Cranmer, of the complaints against him] which ... / Have moved us and our Council that you shall / This morning come before us
Ham III.ii.192[Second Player as Queen to her King] The instances that second marriage move
LLL V.ii.844[Berowne to Rosaline] To move wild laughter in the throat of death
RJ III.i.12[Mercutio to and of Benvolio] as soon moved to be moody
Tim V.ii.13.1[Messenger to Senators, of a courier with letters from Alcibiades to Timon] which imported / His fellowship i'th' cause against your city, / In part for his sake moved