mischief (n.) Old form(s): mischeefe , mischiefe
catastrophe, calamity, misfortune
1H6 II.i.59[Pucelle to all] Had your watch been good, / This sudden mischief never could have fallen
1H6 V.iii.39[Pucelle to Richard] A plaguing mischief light on Charles and thee!
1H6 V.iv.90[Pucelle to all] mischief and despair / Drive you to break your necks
2H4 IV.ii.47[Hastings to Prince John] success of mischief shall be born
H8 II.i.66[Buckingham to all, of his enemies] let 'em look they glory not in mischief [or: harm]
Mac I.v.48[Lady Macbeth alone] you murdering ministers, / Wherever, in your sightless substances, / You wait on nature's mischief
MW IV.ii.69[Falstaff to Mistress Ford and Mistress Page] Any extremity rather than a mischief
Per I.iv.8[Dionyza to Cleon, of their griefs] seen with mischief's eyes ... they higher rise
Tem III.i.71[Ferdinand to Miranda] If [I speak] hollowly, invert / What best is boded me to mischief!
Ven.764[Venus to Adonis] in thyself thyself art made away; / A mischief worse than civil home-bred strife

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