mean (adj.) Old form(s): meane
of low rank, inferior in position, less important
1H6 II.v.123[Richard alone] Here lies the dusky torch of Mortimer, / Choked with ambition of the meaner sort [i.e. of those who have less claim to the throne]
1H6[Talbot as if to Orleans] misbegotten blood I spill of thine, / Mean and right poor
2H6 II.i.180[Gloucester to Cardinal] I yield to thee / Or to the meanest groom
2H6 V.i.64[Iden to King, of himself] one so rude and of so mean condition
3H6 III.ii.97[Lady Grey to Edward] I am too mean to be your queen
3H6 IV.i.71[Lady Grey to all, of becoming queen] meaner than myself have had like fortune
Cor[Cominius to Martius] I know the sound of Martius' tongue / From every meaner man
Cym II.iii.115[Cloten to Innogen, of the nature of a lower marriage than hers to Posthumus] though it be allowed in meaner parties / (Yet who than he more mean?)
H5 III.i.29[King Henry to all] there is none of you so mean and base / That hath not noble lustre in your eyes
H5 IV.chorus.45[Chorus, of King Henry] mean and gentle all / Behold ... / A little touch of Harry in the night
H8 II.ii.134[Wolsey to Campeius] We live not to be griped by meaner persons
KL[Gentleman to all] A sight most pitiful in the meanest wretch
Luc.41[of Tarquin] envy ... that meaner men should vaunt / That golden hap which their superiors want
R3 IV.ii.52[King Richard to Catesby] Inquire me out some mean poor gentleman
Tem III.iii.88[Prospero to Ariel] with good life / And observation strange, my meaner ministers / Their several kinds have done
Tem IV.i.35[Prospero to Ariel] Thou and thy meaner fellows your last service / Did worthily perform
Tit II.i.73[Demetrius to Chiron, of Lavinia] Youngling, learn thou to make some meaner choice
WT I.ii.313[Leontes to Camillo] whom I from meaner form / Have benched and reared to worship
WT V.i.93.1[Gentleman to Leontes, of Florizel's train] But few, / And those but mean