affect (v.)
love, like, be fond of
1H6 V.v.57[Suffolk to all] Not whom we will, but whom his grace affects, / Must be companion of his nuptial bed
LLL I.ii.161[Armado alone, of Jaquenetta] I do affect the very ground ... where her shoe ... doth tread
LLL I.ii.85[Armado to Mote, of Samson's love] He surely affected her for her wit
MA I.i.275.1[Don Pedro to Claudio, of Hero] Dost thou affect her
MW II.i.104[Pistol to Ford, of Falstaff] Sir John affects thy wife
TG III.i.82[Duke to Valentine] There is a lady of Verona ... / Whom I affect
Tim I.ii.216[Timon to Third Lord] no man can justly praise but what he does affect
Tit II.i.28[Demetrius to Chiron, of himself] And may, for aught thou knowest, affected be
TNK II.iii.2[Gaoler's Daughter alone, of Palamon] 'Tis odds / He never will affect me
TNK IV.iii.61[Doctor to Gaoler, of the Gaoler's Daughter] Understand you she ever affected any man ere she beheld Palamon?
TS II.i.14[Bianca to Katherina, of Hortensio] If you affect him ... / I'll plead for you myself but you shall have him