mart (n.)
CE I.i.18[Duke to Egeon] Syracusian marts and fairs
CE I.ii.27[First Merchant to Antipholus of Syracuse] I'll meet with you upon the mart
CE I.ii.74[Dromio of Ephesus to Antipholus of Syracuse] My charge was but to fetch you from the mart
CE II.i.5[Luciana to Adriana, of Antipholus of Ephesus] from the mart he's somewhere gone to dinner
CE II.ii.173[Antipholus of Syracuse to Dromio of Syracuse, of Adriana] her very words / Didst thou deliver to me on the mart
CE II.ii.6[Antipholus of Syracuse alone, of Dromio of Syracuse] I sent him from the mart
CE III.i.7[Antipholus of Ephesus to Angelo, of Dromio of Ephesus] He met me on the mart
CE III.ii.158[Antipholus of Syracuse to Dromio of Syracuse] If any bark put forth, come to the mart
CE III.ii.192[Antipholus of Syracuse alone] I'll to the mart
MV III.i.42[Shylock to Salerio, of Antonio] a beggar that was used to come so smug upon the mart!
Per IV.ii.4[Pander to Boult] We lost too much money this mart [i.e. market-time]