mortal (adj.) Old form(s): mortall
fatal, deadly, lethal
2H6 III.ii.263[Salisbury to King, of the King being attacked by a serpent while sleeping] The mortal worm might make the sleep eternal
3H6 II.ii.15[Clifford to King] Who 'scapes the lurking serpent's mortal sting?
3H6 II.ii.83[Edward to King] wilt thou ... set thy diadem upon my head; / Or bide the mortal fortune of the field?
AC V.i.64[Caesar to Proculeius, of Cleopatra] Lest in her greatness, by some mortal stroke, / She do defeat us
AC V.ii.302[Cleopatra to an asp] Come, thou mortal wretch
AW[Parolles to Bertram] I will ... put myself into my mortal preparation [or: for possible death]
Cor II.ii.109[Cominius to all, of Coriolanus] Alone he entered / The mortal gate of th'city
Cor III.i.295[Menenius to Sicinius, of Coriolanus as a limb] Mortal, to cut it off
Cym III.iv.18.1[Innogen to Pisanio, of the letter] which to read / Would be even mortal to me
Cym V.iii.51.1[Posthumus to Lord, of the Britons] are grown / The mortal bugs o'th' field
Cym V.v.235.1[Cymbeline to all] the gods do mean to strike me / To death with mortal joy
Cym V.v.50[Cornelius to Cymbeline, of the Queen] she had / For you a mortal mineral
KJ III.i.259[Cardinal Pandulph to King Philip] thou mayst hold ... / A chafed lion by the mortal paw
Luc.364[of Lucrece at Tarquin's approach] She ... / Lies at the mercy of his mortal sting
Luc.724[of Tarquin's soul] She says her subjects ... [have] by their mortal fault brought in subjection / Her immortality
Mac I.v.39[Lady Macbeth alone] Come, you spirits / That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here
Mac III.iv.80[Macbeth to Lady Macbeth, of dead men] now they rise again / With twenty mortal murders on their crowns
Mac IV.iii.3[Macduff to Malcolm] Let us ... / Hold fast the mortal sword
Oth II.i.72[Cassio to all] The guttered rocks ... do omit / Their mortal natures [F; Q common]
Oth III.iii.352[Othello to Iago, of the trappings of war] you mortal engines ... / Farewell!
Oth III.iv.111[Cassio to Desdemona] If my offence be of such mortal kind
Oth V.ii.204[Gratiano as if to Desdemona, of Brabantio] Thy match was mortal to him
Per III.ii.109[Cerimon to all, of Thaisa] her relapse is mortal
RJ V.i.66[Apothecary to Romeo, of a lethal poison] Such mortal drugs I have
Tit IV.i.92[Marcus to all] we will prosecute by good advice / Mortal revenge upon these traitorous Goths
TN III.iv.255[Fabian to Viola as Cesario, of Sir Andrew] I know the knight is incensed against you, even to a mortal arbitrement
TN III.iv.269[Sir Toby to Sir Andrew, of Viola as Cesario] he gives me the stuck-in with such a mortal motion that it is inevitable
Ven.618[Venus to Adonis, of a boar] Like to a mortal butcher bent to kill
Ven.953[Venus as if to death] Nature cares not for thy mortal vigour
WT III.ii.146[Paulina to Leontes, of Mamillius's death] This news is mortal to the Queen

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