mortal (adj.) Old form(s): mortall
human, subject to death, characterized by mortality
1H4 IV.ii.65[Falstaff to Prince Hal, of the soldiers] mortal men, mortal men
H8 II.iv.228[King Henry to all, of Queen Katherine] we are contented / To wear our mortal state to come with her
Ham III.i.67[Hamlet to himself] what dreams may come / When we have shuffled off this mortal coil
JC II.i.66[Brutus alone] The genius and the mortal instruments / Are then in council
Luc.13[of Lucrece's eyes] mortal stars as bright as heaven's beauties
Mac IV.i.99[Macbeth to himself] our high-placed Macbeth / Shall ... pay his breath / To time and mortal custom [i.e. his natural death]
MM IV.ii.142[Provost to disguised Duke, of Barnadine] A man ... desperately mortal [or: in a state of mortal sin]
Per IV.iv.30[Gower alone, of Pericles] He bears / A tempest which his mortal vessel tears [i.e. whch tears at his body]
R2 I.i.177[Mowbray to King Richard] The purest treasure mortal times afford / Is spotless reputation
RJ III.ii.82[Juliet as if to Nature, of Romeo] thou didst bower the spirit of a fiend / In mortal paradise of such sweet flesh
Sonn.86.6[of his rival] by spirits taught to write / Above a mortal pitch [i.e. achievable by mere mortals]
Tem I.ii.407[Ferdinand to himself] This is no mortal business
Tem V.i.188.2[Ferdinand to Alonso, of Miranda] she is mortal
Ven.368[Venus to Adonis] O fairest mover on this mortal round