moiety (n.) Old form(s): Moitie , moity , Moytie
half, equal share
AC V.i.19.1[Caesar to all, of Antony] in the name lay / A moiety of the world
Cym I.v.105[Iachimo to Posthumus] I dare ... pawn the moiety of my estate, to your ring
H5 V.ii.213[King Henry to Katherine] for my English moiety take the word of a king and a bachelor
H8 I.ii.12[King Henry to Queen Katherine, of her request] Half your suit / Never name to us ... / The other moiety ere you ask is given
R3 I.ii.249[Richard alone, of himself] whose all not equals Edward's moiety
R3 II.ii.60[Duchess of York to Queen Elizabeth] what cause have I, / Thine being but a moiety of my moan, / To overgo thy woes
WT III.ii.38[Hermione to Leontes, of herself] which owe / A moiety of the throne

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