mountaineer (n.) Old form(s): Mountainers, Mountayneeres
[often contemptuous] mountain-dweller, native of the mountains
Cym IV.ii.100[Cloten to Guiderius] Yield, rustic mountaineer
Cym IV.ii.120[Guiderius to Belarius and Arviragus, of Cloten] Who called me traitor, mountaineer
Cym IV.ii.370[disguised Innogen to Lucius, of Cloten] here by mountaineers lies slain
Cym IV.ii.71[Cloten to departing Belarius and Arviragus] [are you] Some villain mountaineers?
Tem III.iii.45[Gonzalo to Alonso] Who would believe that there were mountaineers / Dewlapped like bulls

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