monstrous (adj.)
unnatural, outlandish, aberrant
2H4 IV.ii.34[Archbishop to Prince John] The time misordered doth ... / Crowd us and crush us to this monstrous form
2H6 IV.x.64[Iden to himself] Is't Cade that I have slain, that monstrous traitor?
2H6 V.i.62[York to King, of his intentions] To ... fight against that monstrous rebel Cade
3H6 III.ii.164[Richard alone, of himself as a lover] monstrous fault, to harbour such a thought!
H8 I.ii.122[King Henry to Queen Katherine, of Buckingham] he ... / Hath into monstrous habits put the graces / That once were his
JC I.iii.68[Cassius to Casca, of weird happenings] Why all these things change from their ordinance ... / To monstrous quality
JC II.i.81[Brutus alone, as if to conspiracy] Where wilt thou find a cavern dark enough / To mask thy monstrous visage?
Tim V.i.86[Timon to Poet and Painter, of a fault in them] 'tis not monstrous in you