measure (n.) Old form(s): measuers
slow stately dance, graceful movement
AW II.i.56[Parolles to Bertram] though the devil lead the measure
AYL V.iv.176[Duke Senior to all] heaped in joy, to th'measures fall
AYL V.iv.43[Touchstone to all] I have trod a measure
E3 III.ii.63[Third Frenchman to all] Three ways these dreadful ministers of wrath / Do tread the measures of their tragic march [i.e. advance in a steady march]
H5 V.ii.135[King Henry to Katherine, of dancing] I have no strength in measure
H8 I.iv.106[King Henry to Wolsey, of the ladies] I have ... a measure / To lead 'em once again
LLL V.ii.187[Boyet to masked Rosaline, of the King's party] they have measured many a mile / To tread a measure with you [second instance]
LLL V.ii.222[masked King to masked Rosaline, of holding hands] More measure of this measure! [second instance]
MA II.i.65[Beatrice to Hero] wooing, wedding, and repenting, is as a Scotch jig, a measure, and a cinquepace
MW V.v.79[Evans as a Satyr to all] twenty glow-worms shall our lanterns be, / To guide our measure round about the tree
Per II.iii.103[Simonides to Pericles, of the ladies of Tyre] their measures are ... excellent
R2 I.iii.291[John of Gaunt to Bolingbroke] Suppose ... thy steps no more / Than a delightful measure
R2 III.iv.7[Queen Isabel to Second Lady, of dancing] My legs can keep no measure in delight [punned in next line]
R3 I.i.8[Richard alone] Our dreadful marches [are changed] to delightful measures
RJ I.iv.10[Benvolio to Romeo, of the Capulets] We'll measure them a measure and be gone [second instance]
RJ I.v.50[Romeo to himself, of Juliet] The measure done, I'll watch her place of stand
Ven.1148[Venus to dead Adonis, of love] Teaching decrepit age to tread the measures
WT IV.iv.727[Autolycus to Shepherd] Hath not my gait in it the measure of the court?