opinion (n.)
reputation, character, honour
1H4 IV.i.77[Hotspur to Worcester, of Northumberland's absence] It lends a lustre and more great opinion ... to our great enterprise
1H4 V.iv.47[King Henry to Prince Hal] Thou hast redeemed thy lost opinion
1H6 II.iv.53[Vernon to Somerset] Opinion shall be surgeon to my hurt [cf. use in 52 at sense 4]
2H4 IV.v.188[King Henry IV to Prince Henry, of the crown] To thee it shall descend with better quiet, / Better opinion, better confirmation
H8 prologue.20[of the company] the opinion that we bring / To make that only true we now intend [i.e. our reputation for truthful portrayal]
JC I.ii.315[Cassius alone, of letters about Brutus] all tending to the great opinion / That Rome holds of his name
JC II.i.145[Metellus to all, of Cicero] his silver hairs / Will purchase us a good opinion
Oth II.iii.189[Othello to Montano] you ... spend your rich opinion for the name / Of a night-brawler
TC I.iii.336[Nestor to Ulysses, of Hector's challenge] Though't be a sportful combat, / Yet in this trial much opinion dwells
TC I.iii.373[Ulysses to Nestor, of Achilles] If he were foiled, / Why then we did our main opinion crush / In taint of our best man
TC IV.iv.102[Troilus to Cressida] Whiles others fish with craft for great opinion, / I with great truth catch mere simplicity
TC V.iv.17[Thersites alone] policy grows into an ill opinion
Tit I.i.419[Bassianus to Saturninus, of Titus] Is in opinion and in honour wronged
TNK III.vi.240[Emilia to Theseus, of Palamon and Arcite] how their lives / Might breed the ruin of my name, opinion [i.e. the ruin of my name and reputation] [see sense 3 for another reading]

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