offer (v.)
attempt, start, try, make a move
1H6 III.i.1.3[stage direction] Gloucester offers to put up a bill
3H6 V.v.43.1[stage direction, of Richard and the Queen] He offers to kill her
CE III.i.98[Balthasar to Antipholus of Ephesus] If by strong hand you offer to break in
Cor II.ii.64[stage direction] Coriolanus ... offers to go away
Cor V.i.23[Cominius to all] I offered to awaken his regard / For's private friends
H5 II.i.36[Bardolph to Nym and Pistol] Offer nothing here
H8 II.iv.121[stage direction, of Queen Katherine] She curtsies to the King, and offers to depart
MW II.i.162[Page to Ford, of Falstaff] I do not think the knight would offer it [i.e. try to do such a thing]
MW III.i.68[stage direction] Evans and Caius offer to fight
Per IV.ii.102[Boult to Bawd, of Veroles] He offered to cut a caper at the proclamation
R3 I.ii.179[stage direction, of Richard and Anne] He lays his breast open. She offers at it with his sword
RJ III.iii.108.3[stage direction, of Romeo] He offers to stab himself
RJ III.iv.12.1[stage direction] Paris offers to go in

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