opposite (n.)
opponent, adversary, anatagonist
2H4 I.iii.55[Lord Bardolph to Hastings, of their cause] How able such a work to undergo, / To weigh against his opposite
2H4 IV.i.16[Archbishop to Hastings and Mowbray, of Northumberland's hopes] That your attempts may overlive the hazard / And fearful meeting of their opposite
2H6 V.iii.22[Salisbury to all, of the enemy] Being opposites of such repairing nature
Cor II.ii.19[First Officer to Second Officer, of Coriolanus and the people] he ... leaves nothing undone that may fully discover him their opposite
KL V.iii.151[Gonerill to Edmund] thou wast not bound to answer / An unknown opposite
KL V.iii.43[Albany to Edmund] You have the captives / Who were the opposites of this day's strife
MM III.ii.156[disguised Duke to Lucio] you imagine me too unhurtful an opposite
TN III.iv.227[Sir Toby to Viola as Cesario, of Sir Andrew] your opposite hath in him what youth, strength, skill, and wrath can furnish man withal
TN III.iv.261[Fabian to Viola as Cesario, of Sir Andrew] He is ... the most skilful, bloody, and fatal opposite that you could possibly have found in any part of Illyria

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