opposite (adj.)
opposed, hostile, adverse, antagonistic [to]
2H6 III.ii.251[Salisbury to King, of the commons] Free from a stubborn opposite intent
KJ III.i.254[Cardinal Pandulph to King Philip] All form is formless, order orderless, / Save what is opposite to England's love
KL II.i.48[Edmund to Gloucester, of Edgar] Seeing how loathly opposite I stood / To his unnatural purpose
Oth I.ii.67[Brabantio to Othello, of Desdemona] So opposite to marriage that she shunned / The wealthy curled darlings of our nation
R3 II.ii.94[Dorset to Queen Elizabeth] to be ... opposite with heaven
R3 IV.iv.216[King Richard to Queen Elizabeth, of her sons] at their births good stars were opposite
R3 IV.iv.402[King Richard to Queen Elizabeth] Be opposite all planets of good luck / To my proceeding
Tim I.i.277[First Lord to Second Lord, of Apemantus] He's opposite to humanity
TN II.v.145[Malvolio reading the letter] Be opposite with a kinsman