old (adj.)
plenty of, abundant, more than enough
2H4 II.iv.19[Francis to Will] By the mass, here will be old utis
MA V.ii.87[Ursula to Beatrice] Yonder's old coil at home [i.e. a fine old row]
Mac II.iii.2[Porter alone] If a man were porter of hell-gate he should have old turning the key
MV IV.ii.15[Portia aside to Nerissa, of their husbands] We shall have old swearing / That they did give the rings away to men
MW I.iv.5[Mistress Quickly to Rugby, of Caius] if he ... find anybody in the house, here will be an old abusing of God's patience
Tem I.ii.369[Prospero to Caliban] I'll rack thee with old cramps

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