overbear (v.) Old form(s): o're-beare , ouerbeare , ouer-beare , ouerborne, ouer-borne
overrule, overcome, put down
1H6 III.i.53[Warwick to Somerset, of Winchester] see the Bishop be not overborne
1H6 V.i.60[Winchester alone, of Gloucester] neither in birth or for authority / The Bishop will be overborne by thee
3H6 III.ii.166[Richard alone] this earth affords no joy to me / But ... to check, to o'erbear such / As are of better person than myself
E3 II.ii.132[Countess to King Edward] your mightiness / Will overbear and awe these dear regards
KJ IV.ii.37[Salisbury to King John, of their counsel] it pleased your highness / To overbear it
MND IV.i.178[Theseus to Egeus] I will overbear your will
Tit IV.iv.2[Saturninus to all] Was ever seen / An emperor in Rome thus overborne

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