order, take Old form(s): 'tane , ta'ne
make arrangements
1H6 III.ii.126[Talbot to Burgundy, of Rouen] Now will we take some order in the town [i.e. make some arrangements]
2H4 III.ii.182[Falstaff to Bullcalf] I will take such order that thy friends shall ring for thee
2H6 III.i.274[Cardinal to Suffolk, of Gloucester] I would have him dead ... / Ere you can take due orders for a priest
2H6 III.i.320[York to all] Provide me soldiers, lords, / Whiles I take order for mine own affairs
CE V.i.146[Adriana to Duke] to take order for the wrongs I went [i.e. I took steps to settle]
MM II.i.223[Pompey to Escalus] If your worship will take order for the drabs
Oth V.ii.73[Othello to Desdemona, of Cassio] his mouth is stopped: / Honest Iago hath ta'en order for't
R2 V.i.53[Northumberland to Queen Isabel] there is order ta'en for you
R3 III.v.105[Richard alone] Now will I go to take some privy order

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