particular (adj.) Old form(s): particurlar
personal, special, private
2H4 IV.iii.47[Falstaff to Prince John, of his conquest of Colevile] I will have it in a particular ballad
2H6 IV.ii.104[Cade to Michael, in response to 'Where's our general?'] Here I am, thou particular fellow [i.e. private soldier]
Cor V.ii.66[Menenius to Coriolanus] thy particular prosperity
H5 III.ii.76[Fluellen to Gower, of Jamy] my particular knowledge of his directions
H5 III.vii.45[Dauphin to Orleans, of his horse bearing him well] which is the prescript praise and perfection of a good and particular mistress
Ham I.ii.75[Gertrude to Hamlet, of his melancholy] Why seems it so particular with thee?
KL I.iv.334[Gonerill to Oswald, of Regan] Inform her full of my particular fear
KL V.i.30[Gonerill to all] these domestic and particular broils
MM IV.iv.25[Angelo alone, of his authority] That no particular scandal once can touch / But it confounds the breather
TC II.ii.54[Hector to Troilus] value dwells not in particular will
TC IV.v.20[Ulysses to all, of Cressida being kissed just by Agamemnon] Yet is the kindness but particular; / 'Twere better she were kissed in general
Tim V.ii.8[Messenger to Senators, of a courier] our old love made a particular force, / And made us speak like friends