passage (n.)
incident, occurrence, event, happening
1H4 III.ii.8[King Henry to Prince Hal] thou dost in thy passages of life / Make me believe that thou art only marked / For ... the rod of heaven
Cym III.iv.93[Innogen as if to Posthumus, of her behaviour] It is no act of common passage
H8 II.iv.165[King Henry to Wolsey, of the divorce] You ... oft have hindered, oft, / The passages made toward it
Ham IV.vii.111[Claudius to Laertes] in passages of proof [i.e. well-attested cases]
RJ I.prologue.9[Chorus, of Romeo and Juliet] The fearful passage of their death-marked love
TC II.iii.130[Agamemnon to Patroclus, of Achilles] [we] watch / His pettish lunes, his ebbs, his flows, as if / The passage and whole carriage of this action / Rode on his tide
TN III.ii.68[Maria to Sir Toby and Fabian, of Malvolio] there is no Christian ... can ever believe such impossible passages of grossness [i.e. flagrantly impossible proceedings]
TNK IV.iii.97[Doctor to Wooer] I will between the passages of this project come in with my appliance
WT III.ii.89[Leontes to Hermione] thou / Shalt feel our justice, in whose easiest passage / Look for no less than death

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