passion (n.)
passionate outburst, emotional passage
2H4 I.i.161[Lord Bardolph to Northumberland] This strained passion doth you wrong
3H6 I.iv.150[Northumberland to all, of York] his passions moves me so / That hardly can I check my eyes from tears
3H6 IV.iv.19[Lady Grey to Rivers, of her unborn child] This is it that makes me bridle passion
AC II.ii.12.2[Lepidus to Enobarbus] Your speech is passion [i.e. your feelings are running away with you]
AC III.x.5.2[Enobarbus to Scarus] What's thy passion?
AYL II.iv.55[Rosalind as Ganymede to all, of Silvius] This shepherd's passion / Is much upon my fashion
Ham III.ii.9[Hamlet to Players] tear a passion to tatters
KJ III.iv.39[Constance to King Philip] with a passion would I shake the world, / And rouse from sleep that fell anatomy
KJ IV.ii.263[King John to Hubert] Forgive the comment that my passion made / Upon thy feature [or: sense 2]
KL II.iv.229[Regan to Lear] those that mingle reason with your passion [i.e. apply reason to your outburst]
LLL IV.iii.138[King to Longaville and Dumaine] I ... noted well your passion
MA V.i.23[Leonato to Antonio, of those tasting deep grief] tasting it, / Their counsel turns to passion
Mac IV.iii.114.2[Malcolm to Macduff] this noble passion ... hath from my soul / Wiped the black scruples
MND V.i.280[Theseus to Hippolyta, of Bottom's speech] This passion, and the death of a dear friend, would go near to make a man look sad [also: suffering]
MND V.i.307[Theseus to Hippolyta, of Thisbe] her passion ends the play
MV II.viii.12[Solanio to Salerio] I never heard a passion so confused
Sonn.20.2[] A woman's face with Nature's own hand painted, / Hast thou the master-mistress of my passion
TC V.ii.184[Ulysses to Troilus] Your passion draws ears hither
TG I.ii.16[Julia to Lucetta, of Proteus] what means this passion at his name?
Tit III.i.216[Titus to Marcus, of his sorrows] be my passions bottomless with them
TS induction.1.95[Lord to First Player] Lest ... / You break into some merry passion
Ven.832[] Passion on passion deeply is redoubled