prevent (v.) Old form(s): preuent, preuented, preuents
forestall, anticipate
1H6 IV.i.71[Talbot to King] but that I am prevented, / I should have begged I might have been employed
2H4 I.ii.234[Falstaff to himself, of youth and age] both the degrees prevent my curses
3H6 IV.iv.29[Lady Grey to Rivers, of Warwick] to prevent the tyrant's violence ... / I'll hence forthwith unto the sanctuary
3H6[Somerset to Oxford, of Richmond] to prevent the worst, / Forthwith we'll send him hence to Brittany
AC[Caesar to Octavia] you ... have prevented / The ostentation of our love [or: stopped]
AW III.iv.22.1[Countess to Steward, of Helena] I could have well diverted her intents, / Which thus she hath prevented
AYL IV.i.55[Rosalind as Ganymede to Orlando, of the snail as suitor] he comes armed in his fortune, and prevents the slander of his wife
Ham II.ii.294[Hamlet to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern] So shall my anticipation prevent your discovery
JC II.i.160[Cassius to all, of danger from Antony] which to prevent, / Let Antony and Caesar fall together
JC III.i.35.2[Caesar to Metellus, interrupting him] I must prevent thee
JC V.i.104[Brutus to Cassius] I do find it cowardly ... / For fear of what might fall, so to prevent / The time of life
MV I.i.61[Salerio to Antonio] I would have stayed till I had made you merry, / If worthier friends had not prevented me
Per V.i.62[Helicanus to Lysimachus] I am prevented
R3 III.iv.81[Hastings to himself, of his imminent execution] I, too fond, might have prevented this
TN III.i.81[Viola as Cesario to Sir Toby, of Olivia's arrival] we are prevented
TNK V.iv.6[Palamon to his knights] We prevent / The loathsome misery of age

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