purpose (n.)
point at issue, matter in hand
2H4 epilogue.7[Epilogue] But to the purpose, and so to the venture
2H4 IV.i.138[Westmorland to the rebel leaders, of what he has been saying] this is mere digression from my purpose
AW V.iii.241[King to Parolles] Come, come, to th'purpose
AYL V.ii.51[Rosalind as Ganymede to Orlando] Know of me then, for now I speak to some purpose
Cor II.i.81[Menenius to Sicinius and Brutus] When you speak best unto the purpose, it is not worth the wagging of your beards
Cor III.ii.89.1[Menenius to Coriolanus, of the Citizens] they have pardons, being asked, as free / As words to little purpose
Cym II.iii.55[Cymbeline to all, of Lucius] Albeit he comes on angry purpose now
Cym IV.i.23[Cloten alone] My horse is tied up safe, out, sword, and to a sore purpose!
Cym V.v.178.2[Cymbeline to Iachimo] to th'purpose [i.e. come to the point]
H5 III.vii.65[Constable to Dauphin, of the Dauphin's aphorism] Yet do I not use my horse for my mistress, or any such proverb so little kin to the purpose
Ham II.ii.278[Hamlet to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern] [say] ... anything but to th'purpose
Ham III.ii.20[Hamlet to Players] anything so o'erdone is from the purpose of playing
JC III.i.146[Cassius to Brutus] my misgiving still / Falls shrewdly to the purpose
KL II.iv.176.2[Regan to Lear] Good sir, to the purpose
MA II.iii.18[Benedick alone, of Claudio] He was wont to speak plain and to the purpose
MM II.i.111[Escalus to Pompey] Come, you are a tedious fool. To the purpose.
RJ II.iv.43[Mercutio to Benvolio] Thisbe [had] a grey eye or so, but not to the purpose
TC I.iii.264[Aeneas to Agamemnon, of Priam] He bade me take a trumpet, / And to this purpose speak
TG IV.i.53[First Outlaw to Valentine] But to the purpose
TN I.iii.19[Maria to Sir Toby, of why he is praising Sir Andrew] What's that to the purpose?
WT I.ii.100[Hermione to Leontes] But once before I spoke to th'purpose?

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