peevish (adj.) Old form(s): peeuish
silly, foolish; or: headstrong, impulsive
1H6 II.iv.76[Richard to Somerset] I scorn thee and thy fashion, peevish boy
1H6 III.i.92[Gloucester to Servingmen] leave this peevish broil
1H6 V.iii.186[Margaret to Suffolk, after kissing him] I will not so presume / To send such peevish tokens to a king
3H6[Richard to King, of Daedalus] what a peevish fool was that of Crete
AYL III.v.110[Phebe to Silvius, of Rosalind as Ganymede] 'Tis but a peevish boy
CE IV.i.94[Antipholus of Ephesus to Dromio of Syracuse] thou peevish sheep
CE IV.iv.112[Adriana to Officer] What wilt thou do, thou peevish officer?
H5 III.vii.129[Orleans to Constable] What a wretched and peevish fellow is this King of England
JC V.i.61[Cassius to and of Octavius] A peevish schoolboy
MW I.iv.13[Mistress Quickly to herself, of Rugby] he is given to prayer. He is something peevish that way
Oth II.iii.179[Iago to Othello] I cannot speak / Any beginning to this peevish odds
Oth IV.iii.88[Emilia to Desdemona, of husbands] break out in peevish jealousies
R3 I.iii.193[Queen Margaret to all, of her woes and Rutland] Should all but answer for that peevish brat?
R3 IV.ii.96[King Richard to himself, or ignoring Buckingham] When Richmond was a little peevish boy
TC V.iii.16[Cassandra to Hector] The gods are deaf to hot and peevish vows
TN I.v.290[Olivia to Malvolio, of Viola as Cesario] Run after that same peevish messenger

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