period (n.)
full stop, end, ending, conclusion
1H6 IV.ii.17[General to Talbot] The period of thy tyranny approacheth
2H4 IV.v.229[King Henry IV to Prince John] Upon thy sight / My worldly business makes a period
2H6 III.i.149[Gloucester to King, of his enemies] if my death might ... prove the period of their tyranny, / I would expend it
3H6 V.v.1[Edward to all] Now here a period of tumultuous broils
AC IV.ii.25[Antony to servants] Tend me tonight. / May be it is the period of your duty
AC IV.xiv.107.1[First Guard to all, of Antony's attempt at suicide] time is at his period
E3 II.i.130[Lodowick to King Edward, of the Countess] I have not to a period brought her praise
Luc.380[of Tarquin's eyes] had they in that darksome prison died, / Then had they seen the period of their ill!
Oth V.ii.353.1[Lodovico to all, of Othello's suicide] O bloody period!

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