purpose (n.)
intention, aim, plan
1H4 I.i.101[King Henry to all] we must neglect / Our holy purpose to Jerusalem
1H4 I.i.28[King Henry to all] But this our purpose now is twelve month old
1H4 I.iii.215[Worcester to Hotspur] You start away / And lend no ear unto my purposes
1H4 II.iii.8[Hotspur to himself, reading from a letter] The purpose you undertake is dangerous
1H4 IV.i.41[Hotspur to Worcester] the King is certainly possessed / Of all our purposes
1H4 IV.iii.111[Hotspur to Blunt, of King Henry] in the morning early shall mine uncle / Bring him our purposes
1H4 V.i.4[Prince Hal to King Henry] The southern wind / Doth play the trumpet to his purposes
1H6 I.i.133[Third Messenger to all, of Falstaff's position in relation to Talbot's forces] placed behind / With purpose to relieve and follow them [i.e. as support forces]
1H6 V.i.36[King to Ambassadors] Your purpose is both good and reasonable
1H6 V.iv.22[Pucelle to all, of the Shepherd] You have suborned this man / Of purpose to obscure my noble birth
2H4 II.ii.171[Prince Henry to Poins] in everything the purpose must weigh with the folly
2H4 IV.i.173[Archbishop to Westmorland] To us and to our purposes confined
2H4 IV.ii.56[Prince John to Archbishop] My father's purposes have been mistook
2H4 IV.v.209[King Henry IV to Prince Henry] I ... had a purpose now / To lead out many to the Holy Land
2H4 V.ii.5[Warwick to Lord Chief Justice, of King Henry IV] to our purposes he lives no more
2H6 III.i.256[Suffolk to Queen, of Gloucester] His guilt should be but idly posted over / Because his purpose is not executed
3H6 III.ii.133[Richard alone, of those standing between him and the crown] A cold premeditation for my purpose!
AC I.iii.14[Antony to Cleopatra] I am sorry to give breathing to my purpose
AC I.iii.67[Antony to Cleopatra] be prepared to know / The purposes I bear
AC II.ii.150[Antony to Caesar] May I never / To this good purpose ... / Dream of impediment!
AC II.iv.8[Lepidus to Maecenas and Agrippa] My purposes do draw me much about
AC II.vi.116[Menas to Enobarbus, of Antony's marriage to Octavia] I think the policy of that purpose made more in the marriage than the love of the parties
AC II.vi.4[Casesar to Pompey] therefore have we / Our written purposes before us sent
AC II.vi.51[Antony to Pompey] thanks to you, / That called me timelier than my purpose hither
AC V.ii.131[Caesar to Cleopatra] you shall bereave yourself / Of my good purposes
AC V.ii.334[Caesar to all, of Cleopatra] She levelled at our purposes
AW III.ii.70[Second Lord to Countess, of Bertram's intention to be a soldier] Such is his noble purpose
AW III.v.69.1[Helena to Widow, of Diana] Maybe the amorous Count solicits her / In the unlawful purpose?
AW III.vii.29[Widow to Helena] Now I see / The bottom of your purpose
AW IV.i.19[First Lord to all] so we seem to know is to know straight our purpose
AW IV.i.35[Parolles to himself, of recovering his drum] knowing I had no such purpose
AW IV.i.84[Parolles to all] all the secrets of our camp I'll show, / Their force, their purposes
AYL I.i.130[Oliver to Charles, of Orlando's intention to wrestle] I had myself notice of my brother's purpose herein
AYL IV.ii.6[Jaques to Lord, of processing in with a deer] Have you no song, forester, for this purpose?
CE IV.i.98[Antipholus of Ephesus to Dromio of Syracuse] I sent thee for a rope, / And told thee to what purpose, and what end
Cor I.vi.50[Cominius to Martius] We have at disadvantage fought, and did / Retire to win our purpose
Cor II.i.232[Sicinius to Brutus, of Coriolanus not begging the citizens' voices] I wish no better / Than have him hold that purpose and to put it / In execution
Cor II.ii.150[Menenius to Coriolanus] We recommend to you, Tribunes of the People / Our purpose to them
Cor III.i.148[Coriolanus to Brutus] Purpose so barred, it follows / Nothing is done to purpose
Cor IV.v.122[Aufidius to Coriolanus] I had purpose / Once more to hew thy target from thy brawn
Cym I.v.136[Posthumus to Iachimo] you bear a graver purpose
Cym I.v.39[Frenchman to Posthumus, of the latter's quarrel] it had been pity you should have been put together, with so mortal a purpose as then each bore
Cym III.iv.121[Pisanio to Innogen] My purpose would prove well
Cym III.iv.29[Posthumus to Pisanio, of meeting Innogen at Milford Haven] she hath my letter for the purpose
Cym V.i.22[Posthumus alone, to the gods] Hear patiently my purpose
Cym V.v.253[Cornelius to Cymbeline, of the Queen] dreading that her purpose / Was of more danger
Cym V.v.284[Pisanio to Cymbeline, of Cloten] away he posts / With unchaste purpose
Cym V.v.411[Posthumus to Cymbeline, of taking a soldier's role] 'twas a fitment for / The purpose I then followed
Cym V.v.59[Cornelius to Cymbeline, of the Queen] she ... opened (in despite / Of heaven and men) her purposes
H5 II.chorus.15[Chorus] The French ... with pale policy / Seek to divert the English purposes
H5 II.ii.106[King Henry to Scroop] Treason and murder ever kept together, / As two yoke-devils sworn to either's purpose
H5 II.ii.151[Scroop to King Henry] Our purposes God justly hath discovered
H5 III.ii.15[Pistol to all] If wishes would prevail with me, / My purpose should not fail with me
H8 I.ii.209.1[Surveyor to King Henry, of Buckingham] he would outgo / His father by as much as a performance / Does an irresolute purpose
H8 V.ii.13[Cranmer to himself, of his situation] This is of purpose laid by some that hate me
Ham I.ii.30[Claudius to all, of the King of Norway] scarcely hears / Of this his nephew's purpose
Ham II.ii.451[Hamlet to First Player, quoting lines from a play about Pyrrhus] whose sable arms, / Black as his purpose, did the night resemble
Ham III.i.27[Claudius to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, of Hamlet and the Players] drive his purpose into these delights
Ham III.ii.198[First Player as King to his Queen] Purpose is but the slave to memory
Ham III.ii.205[First Player as King to his Queen] What to ourselves in passion we propose, / The passion ending, doth the purpose lose
Ham III.iv.112[Ghost to Hamlet] This visitation / Is but to whet thy almost blunted purpose
Ham IV.iii.49[Claudius to Hamlet] if thou knewest our purposes
Ham IV.vii.161[Claudius to Laertes, of killing Hamlet by poison] If he by chance escape your venomed stuck, / Our purpose may hold there
Ham V.ii.173[Hamlet to Osrick, of fighting Laertes] the King hold his purpose, I will win for him an I can
Ham V.ii.195[Hamlet to Lord] I am constant to my purposes
Ham V.ii.378[Horatio to all] So shall you hear / Of ... purposes mistook / Fallen on th'inventors' heads
JC I.iii.35[Cicero to Casca] men may construe things after their fashion, / Clean from the purpose of the things themselves
JC II.i.178[Brutus to Cassius, of being moderate] This shall make / Our purpose necessary, and not envious
JC II.i.225[Brutus to all] Let not our looks put on our purposes
JC III.i.17[Cassius to Brutus] I fear our purpose is discoverèd
JC III.i.23[Brutus to Cassius] Popilius Lena speaks not of our purposes
KJ II.i.28[Austria to Arthur, of England] secure / And confident from foreign purposes
KJ II.i.580[Bastard alone, of commodity] Makes it take head from all indifferency, / From all direction, purpose, course, intent
KJ III.i.274[Cardinal Pandulph to King Philip] The better act of purposes mistook / Is to mistake again
KJ III.iii.47[King John to Hubert] idle merriment, / A passion hateful to my purposes
KJ IV.ii.48[Pembroke to King John, of himself] that am the tongue of these / To sound the purposes of all their hearts
KJ IV.ii.77[Salisbury to Pembroke] The colour of the King doth come and go / Between his purpose and his conscience
KJ IV.iii.63[Salisbury to all, of Arthur's death] The practice, and the purpose, of the King
KJ V.i.76[Bastard to King John, of the French] They saw we had a purpose of defence
KJ V.vii.86[Salisbury to Bastard, of peace offers] As we with honour and respect may take, / With purpose presently to leave this war
KL I.i.36[Lear to all] we shall express our darker purpose
KL I.ii.84[Edmund to Gloucester, of Edgar] if you violently proceed against him, mistaking his purpose
KL I.iv.235[Gonerill to Lear] I do beseech you / To understand my purposes aright
KL I.iv.273[Lear to Gonerill, as if to Nature] Suspend thy purpose if thou didst intend / To make this creature fruitful
KL I.iv.69[Lear to Third Knight, of the servants' neglect] which I have rather blamed as mine own jealous curiosity than as a very pretence and purpose of unkindness [F; Q purport]
KL II.i.110[Cornwall to Gloucester] Make your own purpose / How in my strength you please
KL II.i.49[Edmund to Gloucester, of Edgar] how loathly opposite I stood / To his unnatural purpose
KL II.iv.3[Gentleman to Lear, of Regan and Cornwall] The night before there was no purpose in them / Of this remove
KL IV.v.20[Regan to Oswald, of Gonerill] Might not you / Transport her purposes by word?
KL V.i.1[Edmund to Gentleman] Know of the Duke if his last purpose hold
KL V.iii.116[Albany to Herald, of disguised Edgar] Ask him his purposes
LLL II.i.109[Princess to King] Vouchsafe to read the purpose of my coming
LLL IV.i.29[Princess to Forester, of shooting at a deer] If wounding, then it was to show my skill, / That more for praise than purpose meant to kill
LLL V.i.130[Holofernes to all, of Mote as Hercules] His enter and exit shall be strangling a snake; and I will have an apology for that purpose
LLL V.ii.122[Boyet to Princess, of the Lords] Their purpose is to parley, court, and dance
LLL V.ii.177[Rosaline to Boyet] If they do speak our language, 'tis our will / That some plain man recount their purposes
LLL V.ii.736[King to Princess] The extreme parts of time extremely forms / All causes to the purpose of his speed
Luc.1047[Lucrece] I feared by Tarquin's falchion to be slain, / Yet for the selfsame purpose seek a knife
Luc.113[of Tarquin] Far from the purpose of his coming thither / He makes excuses for his being there
Luc.220[Tarquin, of Collatine] Will he not wake ... this vile purpose to prevent?
MA V.iv.104[Benedick to Don Pedro] since I do purpose to marry, I will / think nothing to any purpose that the world can say against it [second instance]
Mac I.v.44[Lady Macbeth alone, as if to spirits] Stop up the access and passage to remorse, / That no compunctious visitings of nature / Shake my fell purpose
Mac I.vi.21[King to Lady Macbeth, of Macbeth] We coursed him at the heels and had a purpose / To be his purveyor
Mac II.ii.52.2[Lady Macbeth to Macbeth] Infirm of purpose!
Mac IV.i.144[Macbeth to himself] The flighty purpose never is o'ertook / Unless the deed go with it
Mac IV.i.153[Macbeth to himself, of destroying Macduff's family] This deed I'll do before this purpose cool
MM I.i.73[Angelo to Duke] The heavens give safety to your purposes!
MM I.iii.4[Duke to Friar Thomas] Why I desire thee / To give me secret harbour hath a purpose / More grave and wrinkled than the aims and ends / Of burning youth
MM I.iii.54[Duke to Friar Thomas] Hence shall we see, / If power change purpose, what our seemers be
MM II.i.13[Escalus to Angelo] the resolute acting of your blood / Could have attained th'effect of your own purpose
MM II.i.142[Pompey to Froth, of Escalus] look upon his honour; 'tis for a good purpose
MM II.iv.148[Angelo to Isabella] My words express my purpose
MM III.i.164[disguised Duke to Claudio] Angelo had never the purpose to corrupt her
MM IV.v.2[Duke to Friar Peter] The provost knows our purpose and our plot
MM IV.vi.4.1[Isabella to Mariana] I am advised ... to veil full purpose
MM V.i.102[Isabella to Duke, of Angelo] His purpose surfeiting
MM V.i.310[Escalus to disguised Duke] we will know his purpose
MM V.i.393[Duke to Isabella, of Claudio] It was the swift celerity of his death ... / That brained my purpose
MND IV.i.160[Demetrius to Theseus, of Hermia and Lysander ]fair Helen told me ... / Of this their purpose hither to this wood
MV I.i.133[Bassanio to Antonio] from your love I have a warranty / To unburden all my plots and purposes
MV I.i.91[Gratiano to Antonio, of the way some men behave] With purpose to be dressed in an opinion / Of wisdom
MV I.iii.95[Antonio to Bassanio, of Shylock]The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose
MV III.ii.227[Lorenzo to Bassanio] My purpose was not to have seen you here
MV IV.i.244[Portia as Balthasar to all] the intent and purpose of the law / Hath full relation to the penalty
MW II.ii.217[Ford as Brook to Falstaff] here is the heart of my purpose
MW IV.iv.75[Ford to all, of Falstaff] He'll tell me all his purpose
MW IV.vi.3[Fenton to Host] Assist me in my purpose
MW V.v.196[Mistress Page to Page] I knew of your purpose
Oth I.i.12[Iago to Roderigo, of Othello] loving his own pride and purposes
Oth I.iii.385[Iago alone, of Othello] The better shall my purpose work on him
Oth I.iii.39[Messenger to Duke, of the Turkish fleet] bearing with frank appearance / Their purposes toward Cyprus
Oth II.iii.227[Iago to Othello, of the fugitive] He, swift of foot, / Outran my purpose
Oth III.iii.313[Emilia to Iago, of the handkerchief] If it be not for some purpose of import, / Give't me again
Oth III.iii.33[Cassio to Desdemona] I am very ill at ease, / Unfit for mine own purposes
Oth IV.ii.213[Iago to Roderigo, of his qualities] I mean purpose, courage, and valour
Oth V.ii.318[Cassio to Othello, of Iago and the handkerchief] he dropped it for a special purpose / Which wrought to his desire
Per IV.i.8.1[Dionyza to Leonine] be / A soldier to thy purpose
Per IV.ii.142[Marina to Bawd] Diana, aid my purpose!
Per IV.vi.197[Boult to Marina, of Pandar and Bawd] I will make them acquainted with your purpose
Per V.i.251[Pericles to all] My purpose was for Tarsus
R2 I.iii.188[King Richard to Bolingbroke and Mowbray] never by advised purpose meet / To plot, contrive, or complot any ill / 'Gainst us
R2 I.iii.253[John of Gaunt to Bolingbroke] to what purpose dost thou hoard thy words
R2 V.ii.34[York to Duchess of York] had not God for some strong purpose steeled / The hearts of men, they must perforce have melted
R2 V.ii.55[Aumerle to York, of going to Oxford] If God prevent not, I purpose so
R3 III.i.171[Buckingham to Catesby] sound thou Lord Hastings / How doth he stand affected to our purpose
R3 III.iv.15[Hastings to all, of Richard] for his purpose in the coronation, / I have not sounded him
R3 III.v.57[Richard to Lord Mayor, of Hastings] I would have had you heard / The traitor speak, and timorously confess / The manner and the purpose of his treason
R3 III.vii.18[Buckingham to Richard] I ... left nothing fitting for your purpose / Untouched
R3 V.iii.275[Ratcliffe to King Richard, of Surrey] He smiled and said, ‘The better for our purpose’
RJ II.ii.144[Juliet to Romeo] If that thy bent of love be honourable, / Thy purpose marriage
Sonn.112.13[] You are so strongly in my purpose bred / That all the world besides me thinks y'are dead
Sonn.126.7[of Nature] She keeps thee to this purpose, that her skill / May Time disgrace, and wretched minute kill
Sonn.20.12[] By adding one thing to my purpose nothing
Sonn.21.14[] I will not praise that purpose not to sell
TC I.iii.128[Ulysses to Agamemnon] this neglection of degree it is / That by a pace goes backward in a purpose / It hath to climb
TC I.iii.323[Ulysses to all] This challenge ... / Relates in purpose only to Achilles
TC III.ii.135[Cressida to Troilus] 'Twas not my purpose thus to beg a kiss
TC III.iii.50[Agamemnon to Ulysses] We'll execute your purpose
TC IV.i.37[Paris to Aeneas, of the King] His purpose meets you
TC IV.v.262[Ajax to Achilles] let these threats alone, / Till accident or purpose bring you to't
TC V.i.35[Achilles to Patroclus] I am thwarted quite / From my great purpose in tomorrow's battle
TC V.iii.23[Cassandra to Hector] It is the purpose that makes strong the vow; / But vows to every purpose must not hold
Tem I.ii.129[Prospero to Miranda, of Antonio] Fated to th' purpose
Tem I.ii.129[Prospero to Miranda] one midnight / Fated to th'purpose, did Antonio open / The gates of Milan; and, i'th' dead of darkness, / The ministers for th'purpose hurried thence / Me and thy crying self
Tem I.ii.131[Prospero to Miranda, of Antonio's plan] The ministers for th'purpose hurried thence / Me and thy crying self
Tem I.ii.357[Miranda to Caliban] I endowed thy purposes / With words that made them known
Tem II.i.228[Antonio to Sebastian] If you but knew how you the purpose cherish / Whiles thus you mock it!
Tem III.iii.13[Antonio aside to Sebastian] Do not, for one repulse, forego the purpose / That you resolved t'effect
Tem V.i.29[Prospero to Ariel, of the lords] They being penitent, / The sole drift of my purpose doth extend / Not a frown further
TG II.vi.42[Proteus alone] Love, lend me wings to make my purpose swift
Tim III.i.26[Lucullus to Flaminius, of Timon] Many a time and often I ha' ... come again to supper to him of purpose to have him spend less
Tim IV.iii.391[Timon to Apemantus, as if to gold] Thou visible god ... that speakest with every tongue, / To every purpose!
Tim V.i.15[Painter to Poet, of expressing their loves to Timon] It ... is very likely to load our purposes with what they travail for
Tit II.iii.84[Lavinia to Bassianus, of Tamora's meeting with Aaron] This valley fits the purpose passing well
TN II.iii.160[Maria to Sir Toby, of his interpretation of her plan] My purpose is indeed a horse of that colour
TN III.iv.250[Viola as Cesario to Sir Toby, of her offence to Sir Andrew] It is something of my negligence, nothing of my purpose
TNK epilogue.14[Epilogue to audience, of the play pleasing them] For to that honest purpose it was meant ye
TNK V.ii.30[Doctor to Wooer, of the Gaoler's Daughter's age] But that's all one, 'tis nothing to our purpose
WT II.iii.150[Lord to Leontes] we beg ... that you do change this purpose
WT IV.iv.152[Florizel to Perdita] you have / As little skill to fear as I have purpose / To put you to't
WT IV.iv.39[Perdita to Florizel] you must change this purpose / Or I my life
WT IV.iv.539[Camillo to Florizel] This follows, if you will not change your purpose / But undergo this flight
WT V.i.36[Paulina to Leontes] the gods / Will have fulfilled their secret purposes

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