possess (v.) Old form(s): possesse , possest
notify, inform, acquaint
1H4 IV.i.40[Hotspur to Worcester] the King is certainly possessed / Of all our purposes
Cor II.i.127[Menenius to Volumnia, of Martius' victory] Is the Senate possessed of this?
H8 II.i.158[Second Gentleman to First Gentleman, of people informing King Henry about the Queen] [they have] possessed him with a scruple / That will undo her
KJ IV.ii.203[King John to Hubert, of popular reaction to Arthur's death] Why seekest thou to possess me with these fears?
MA III.iii.145[Borachio to Conrade] the Prince, Claudio, and my master, planted, and placed, and possessed, by my master
MA III.iii.150[Borachio to Conrade, of Don John persuading Don Pedro and Claudio] his oaths, which first possessed them
MA V.i.268[Leonato to Don Pedro and Claudio, of Hero] Possess the people ... / How innocent she died
Mac IV.iii.202[Ross to Macduff] Let not your ears despise my tongue for ever, / Which shall possess them with the heaviest sound / That ever yet they heard
MM IV.i.43[Isabella to disguised Duke, of Angelo] I have possessed him my most stay / Can be but brief
MV I.iii.61[Antonio to Bassanio, of Shylock] Is he yet possessed / How much ye would [borrow]?
MV IV.i.35[Shylock to Duke] I have possessed your grace of what I purpose
TC IV.iv.111[Troilus to Diomedes, of Cressida] I'll give her to thy hand, / And by the way possess thee what she is
TN II.iii.133[Sir Toby to Maria, of Malvolio] Possess us, possess us, tell us something of him

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