purpose (n.)
outcome, result, end
Cym IV.ii.345[Lucius to Soothsayer] What have you dreamed of late of this war's purpose?
E3 I.i.61[Lorraine to King Edward, of paying homage to the King of France] And for that purpose here I summon thee / Repair to France
H5 I.ii.213[Canterbury to King Henry] So may a thousand actions, once afoot, End in one purpose
Ham IV.vii.139[Laertes to Claudius, of ensuring success against Hamlet] for that purpose I'll anoint my sword
MM I.ii.77[Second Gentleman to First Gentleman, of Claudio's fate] it draws something near to the speech we had to such a purpose
MW II.ii.206[Falstaff to Ford as Brook, of seducing Mistress Ford] Have you importuned her to such a purpose?
TC IV.iii.5.1[Paris to Troilus] Tell you the lady what she is to do, / And haste her to the purpose