pawn (v.) Old form(s): Paund , pawn'd , pawne
stake, pledge, risk
3H6 III.iii.116[Warwick to Lewis, of Edward's right to be king] Thereon I pawn my credit
3H6 IV.ii.9[Warwick to George and Somerset] I hold it cowardice / To rest mistrustful where a noble heart / Hath pawned an open hand in sign of love
Luc.156[of Tarquin] Pawning his honour to obtain his lust
MV III.v.77[Jessica to Lorenzo, of a godly bet] if ... on the wager lay two earthly women, / And Portia one, there must be something else / Pawned with the other
TC I.iii.301[Nestor to Aeneas, of Nestor's former prowess] I'll pawn this truth with my three drops of blood [F; Q prove]
Tim I.i.151[Old Athenian to Timon, of Timon's agreement to provide a dowry] Pawn me to this your honour
Tim III.v.82[Alcibiades to Senators, of his friend] I'll pawn my victories ... upon his good returns
WT II.iii.165[Antigonus to Leontes, of the baby] I'll pawn the little blood which I have left / To save the innocent