power (n.) Old form(s): powre , powres
faculty, function, ability
2H6 II.i.178[Gloucester to Cardinal] Sorrow and grief have vanquished all my powers
2H6 III.ii.41[King to all, of Suffolk] Came he right now to sing a raven's note, / Whose dismal tune bereft my vital powers
3H6 IV.vi.68.2[King to all, of Richmond] If secret powers / Suggest but truth to my divining thoughts
AC III.xii.36.1[Caesar to Thidias] Observe ... what thou think'st his very action speaks / In every power that moves
AW I.i.216[Helena alone] What power is it which mounts my love so high
Cym V.v.256[Cornelius to Cymbeline] A certain stuff, which being ta'en would cease / The present power of life
H8 III.ii.187[King Henry to Wolsey] Your brain and every function of your power
LLL IV.iii.307[Berowne to all] love ... gives to every power a double power, / Above their functions and their offices [first instance]
LLL V.ii.809[King to Princess] To flatter up these powers of mine with rest
MND II.ii.149[Lysander to himself] all my powers, address your love and might / To honour Helen and to be her knight
MV III.ii.177[Bassanio to Portia] there is such confusion in my powers / As after some oration fairly spoke / By a beloved prince
MW V.v.124[Falstaff to all] the sudden surprise of my powers, drove the grossness of the foppery into a received belief ... that they were fairies
TC III.ii.23[Troilus to Pandarus] the capacity of my ruder powers
TC III.ii.35[Troilus to Pandarus] all my powers do their bestowing lose
TC IV.iv.95[Troilus to Cressida] we will tempt the frailty of our powers
Tim I.ii.195[Flavius to himself, of Timon] Being of no power to make his wishes good
WT V.ii.164[Autolycus to Clown, of reforming] I will prove so, sir, to my power [i.e. to the best of my ability]

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