aloof (adv.) Old form(s): a loofe, aloofe
a short distance away, to one side
2H6 I.i.225[York alone, of pirates' plunder] the silly owner of the goods ... trembling stands aloof, / While all is shared and all is borne away
3H6 II.i.17[Richard to Edward, of a bear] encompassed round with dogs, / Who having pinched a few and made them cry, / The rest stand all aloof and bark at him
3H6 III.iii.112[stage direction] They stand aloof
MND II.ii.32[Second Fairy singing] One aloof stand sentinel
MV III.ii.42[Portia to her attendants] Nerissa and the rest, stand all aloof
RJ V.iii.1[Paris to Page] Hence, and stand aloof
RJ V.iii.26[Romeo to Balthasar] Whate'er thou hearest or seest, stand all aloof
RJ V.iii.282[Page to Prince, of Paris] He ... bid me stand aloof, and so I did
Tit V.iii.150[Lucius to all] Stand all aloof
TNK V.i.137.7[stage direction, of Emilia] her maids standing aloof