purple (adj.)
bright-red, blood-coloured, bloody
3H6 I.iv.12[York alone] oft came Edward to my side, / With purple falchion, painted to the hilt / In blood
3H6 II.v.99[King to himself, of the blood on a man's face resembling the red rose] his purple blood right well resembles
3H6 V.vi.64[Richard to himself, of the King's blood] may such purple tears be alway shed / From those that wish the downfall of our house!
R2 III.iii.94[King Richard to his opponents, of Bolingbroke] He is come to open / The purple testament of bleeding war
R3 IV.iv.277[Queen Elizabeth to Richard, of her daughter] A handkerchief, which ... did drain / The purple sap from her sweet brother's body
RJ I.i.85[Prince to all] With purple fountains issuing from your veins
Ven.1[] the sun with purple-coloured face
Ven.1054[of Adonis' side] whose wonted lily-white / With purple tears that his wound wept was drenched