power (n.)
force, strength, might
AC III.vii.69[Canidius to Soldier, of Antony] his whole action grows / Not in the power on't
AW I.i.64[Countess to Bertram] Be able for thine enemy / Rather in power than use [i.e. be as strong as your enemy, but do not use your strength]
Cor I.viii.11.1[Martius to Aufidius] For thy revenge / Wrench up thy power to th'highest
Cym III.i.58[Cymbeline to Lucius, of restoring Britain] whose repair, and franchise, / Shall--by the power we hold--be our good deed
E3 I.ii.120[Countess to King Edward] let the power of a mighty king / Honour our roof
E3 I.ii.77[Countess alone, of the Scots] That swore before my walls they would not back / For all the armed power of this land
H5 III.vi.9[Fluellen to Gower] The Duke of Exeter is ... a man that I love and honour with my soul, and my heart, and my duty, and my live, and my living, and my uttermost power
H8 II.ii.6[Lord Chamberlain alone, reading a letter about his horses] a man of my lord Cardinal's, by commission and main power, took 'em from me
Ham IV.iii.61[Claudius alone] England, if my love thou holdest at aught-- / As my great power thereof may give thee sense
LLL V.ii.77[Maria to all] Folly in fools bears not so strong a note / As foolery in the wise when wit doth dote, / Since all the power thereof it doth apply / To prove, by wit, worth in simplicity
Luc.1677[Lucrece to Collatine] thy sorrow to my sorrow lendeth / Another power
Mac III.i.118[Macbeth to Murderers, of Banquo] I could / With bare-faced power sweep him from my sight
MND I.i.59[Hermia to Theseus] I know not by what power I am made bold
Per I.iv.67[Cleon to Lord] Some neighbouring nation ... / Hath stuffed the hollow vessels with their power, / To beat us down
R3 V.iii.10[Norfolk to King Richard, of the enemy] Six or seven thousand is their utmost power
Tim I.i.32[Poet to Painter, of someone in a painting] What a mental powe / This eye shoots forth!
TNK I.iii.38[Hippolyta to Emilia, of Theseus and Pirithous braving perils] they have skiffed / Torrents whose roaring tyranny and power / I'th' least of these was dreadful
TNK V.iv.67[Pirithous to Palamon] the hot horse ... fell to what disorder / His power could give his will