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question (n.)
conversation, discourse, piece of talk
2H4 I.i.48.1[Travers to Northumberland, of a gentleman] He seemed in running to devour the way, / Staying no longer question
AYL III.iv.32[Rosalind to Celia] I met the Duke yesterday and had much question with him
AYL V.iv.158[Jaques de Boys to all, of Duke Frederick] meeting with an old religious man, / After some question with him
Ham III.i.13[Rosencrantz to Gertrude, of Hamlet] Niggard of question [i.e. unwilling to start a conversation]
KL IV.iii.24.2[disguised Kent to Gentleman, of Cordelia] Made she no verbal question?
Oth I.iii.113[First Senator to Othello, of his receiving Desdemona's affection] came it by request and such fair question / As soul to soul affordeth?
TNK IV.iii.8[Gaoler to Doctor, of his daughter's speech] the name Palamon lards it, that she ... fits it to every question
WT IV.ii.47[Polixenes to Camillo, of the Shepherd's house] where we will ... have some question with the shepherd

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