quality (n.) Old form(s): qualitie, quallitie, quallity
nature, disposition, character
2H4 V.ii.34[Clarence to Lord Chief Justice] you must now speak Sir John Falstaff fair, / Which swims against your stream of quality [also: profession]
AC I.i.54[Antony to Cleopatra] Tonight we'll wander through the streets and note / The qualities of people
AC I.ii.192[Antony to Enobarbus, of Pompey] whose quality, going on, / The sides o'th' world may danger [or: sense 2]
H8 I.ii.84[Wolsey to King Henry] what worst, as oft / Hitting a grosser quality, is cried up / For our best act [or: level of achievement]
JC I.iii.64[Cassius to Casca] Why birds and beasts from quality and kind ... change from their ordinance
JC I.iii.68[Cassius to Casca, of weird happenings] Why all these things change from their ordinance ... / To monstrous quality
KL I.ii.12[Edmund alone] Who ... take / More composition and fierce quality [i.e. has a more active disposition]
KL I.ii.34[Gloucester to Edmund, of Edmund's hiding his letter] The quality of nothing hath not such need to hide itself
KL II.iv.132[Lear to Regan, of Gonerill] how depraved a quality
KL II.iv.88[Gloucester to Lear, of Cornwall] You know the fiery quality of the Duke
Luc.1702[Lucrece to all] What is the quality of my offence
Luc.875[Lucrece to herself] We have no good that we can say is ours / But ill-annexed Opportunity / Or kills his life or else his quality
MV III.ii.6[Portia to Bassanio] you ... / Hate counsels not in such a quality
MV IV.i.181[Portia as Balthasar to Shylock] The quality of mercy is not strained
MW II.ii.208[Falstaff to Ford as Brook, of Mistress Ford] Of what quality was your love, then?
Oth I.iii.248[Desdemona to Duke, of Othello] My heart's subdued / Even to the very quality of my lord [F; Q1 pleasure]
Tim I.i.56[Poet to Painter] As well of glib and slipp'ry creatures as / Of grave and austere quality, tender down / Their services to Lord Timon
Tim IV.iii.157[Timon to all] Hoar the flamen, / That scolds against the quality of flesh [i.e. the natural desires of the flesh]
TN III.i.61[Viola alone, of Feste] He must observe ... / The quality of persons
TN III.iii.32[Antonio to Sebastian] the quality of the time and quarrel / Might well have given us bloody argument
TNK V.iii.48[Emilia to herself, of Palamon] his brow ... alters to / The quality of his thoughts [i.e. according to the mood he is in]