quit (v.)
avenge, requite, take vengeance [on]
AC III.xiii.151[Antony to Thidias, of Caesar's treatment of Hipparchus] whom / He may at pleasure whip ... to quit me
KL III.vii.86.1[Gloucester as if to Edmund] enkindle all the sparks of nature / To quit this horrid act
MA IV.i.198.1[Leonato to Benedick, of those who have harmed Hero] Ability in means and choice of friends / To quit me of them throughly
MM V.i.408[Duke to all] Like doth quit like
R3 IV.iv.20[Queen Margaret to herself] Plantagenet doth quit Plantagenet
R3 IV.iv.64[Queen Margaret to Duchess of York, of Prince Edward and Margaret's son] Thy other Edward [is] dead, to quit my Edward
Tit I.i.144[Demetrius to Chiron and Tamora] Tamora [may] ... quit these bloody wrongs upon her foes
TS III.i.90[Hortensio alone, as if to Bianca] If once I find thee ranging, / Hortensio will be quit with thee by changing