answer (v.) Old form(s): answer'd
satisfy, discharge, requite
1H6 V.v.72[Suffolk to all, of Margaret] Her valiant courage ... / Will answer our hope in issue of a king
AYL II.vii.100[Orlando to all] He dies that touches any of this fruit / Till I and my affairs are answered
Cym I.v.160[Posthumus to Iachimo] you shall answer me with your sword
MW I.i.108[Shallow to Falstaff, of the latter's misdoings] This shall be answered
R2 I.i.80[Mowbray to Bolingbroke] I'll answer thee in any fair degree
R2 V.ii.83.1[Aumerle to Duchess of York] It is no more / Than my poor life must answer [Duchess of York] Thy life answer?
Sonn.126.11[of Nature] Her audit ... answered must be, / And her quietus is to render thee
Tem I.ii.190[Ariel to Prospero] I come / To answer thy best pleasure
TN III.iii.29[Antonio to Sebastian] were I ta'en here, it would scarce be answered

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