quality (n.) Old form(s): qualitie, Quallities
accomplishment, capacity, ability
AW I.i.41[Countess to Lafew] where an unclean mind carries virtuous qualities
AYL I.i.65[Orlando to Oliver] hiding from me all gentlemanlike qualities
Cym III.v.138[Cloten alone] the adornment of my qualities
KL I.i.5[Gloucester to Kent, of Albany and Cornwall] qualities are so weighed [F; Q equalities]
MW V.v.40[Mistress Quickly as Queen of Fairies to all] Attend your office and your quality
Per IV.ii.43[Bawd to Boult, of Marina] has she any qualities?
TC IV.iv.75[Troilus to Cressida] The Grecian youths are full of quality
TG III.i.269[Launce alone, of his love] She hath more qualities than a water-spaniel
TG III.i.65[Valentine to Duke, of Thurio] the gentleman / Is full of ... qualities / Beseeming such a wife as your fair daughter
Tim I.i.129[Old Athenian to Timon, of the former's daughter] I have bred her at my dearest cost / In qualities of the best
TNK II.iv.10[Arcite to Theseus, of his own abilities] A little of all noble qualities