quality (n.) Old form(s): qualitie
rank, standing, position
2H4 IV.i.11[Archbishop to Hastings and Mowbray, of Northumberland] Here doth he wish his person, with such powers / As might hold sortance with his quality
AW I.iii.109[Steward to Countess, of Helena's thoughts] Love [was] no god, that would not extend his might only where qualities were level
Cym I.v.21[Iachimo to all, of Innogen] to fortify her judgement ... for taking a beggar without less quality [i.e. regardless of any lower rank]
Cym I.v.28[Philario to all, of Posthumus] Let him be so entertained amongst you as suits, with gentlemen of your knowing, to a stranger of his quality
H5 IV.viii.89[King Henry to all] gentlemen of blood and quality
KL V.iii.109[Herald reading a proclamation] If any man of quality or degree
KL V.iii.118[Herald to disguised Edgar] What are you? / Your name, your quality
Oth II.iii.102[Cassio to Iago] no offence to ... any man of quality
Oth III.iii.350[Othello to Iago] Farewell ... all quality, / Pride, pomp and circumstance of glorious war!
TNK I.iv.14.2[Herald to Theseus, of Palamon and Arcite] Men of great quality
TNK V.i.161[Emilia praying to Diana] grant / The file and quality I hold I may / Continue in thy band [i.e. my status as a virgin]

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