state (n.)
status, rank, position
1H4 III.ii.62[King Henry to Prince Hal] The skipping King ... carded his state
1H6 III.i.58[Somerset to Warwick, of Winchester's right to argue] Yes, when his holy state is touched so near
2H6 I.iii.62[Queen to Suffolk, of the King being chosen Pope] That were a state fit for his holiness
2H6 II.iv.95[Stanley to Duchess, of her destination] to the Isle of Man, / There to be used according to your state
3H6 II.ii.152[Edward to Queen, of the King] had he matched according to his state
3H6 III.iii.198[Warwick to Queen, of the King] I will ... replant Henry in his former state
3H6 III.iii.2[Lewis to Queen] it ill befits thy state ... that thou shouldst stand while Lewis doth sit
3H6 IV.i.68[Lady Grey to all] it pleased his majesty / To raise my state to title of a queen
3H6 IV.vii.4[Edward to all] I shall interchange / My waned state for Henry's regal crown
AC I.iv.30[Caesar to Lepidus, of Antony] to confound such time / That drums him from his sport and speaks as loud / As his own state and ours
AYL V.iv.172[Duke Senior to all] According to the measure of their states
Cym V.v.98[Cymbeline to disguised Innogen] ask of Cymbeline what boon thou wilt, / Fitting ... thy state
LLL V.ii.425[Berowne to Princess] Our states are forfeit [also: estates]
Luc.1006[Lucrece as if to time] greatest scandal waits on greatest state
Mac IV.ii.66[Messenger to Macduff's wife] I am not to you known, / Though in your state of honour I am perfect
Oth I.iii.233[Othello to Duke] Most humbly ... bending to your state
R3 III.vii.119[Buckingham to Richard] you resign ... / Your state of fortune and your due of birth ... / To the corruption of a blemished stock
R3 IV.iv.247[Queen Elizabeth to King Richard] what state ... / Canst thou demise to any child of mine?
Sonn.96.12[] If thou wouldst use the strength of all thy state! [also: condition]
Tit I.i.262[Titus to Tamora, of being Saturninus' prisoner] To him that for your honour and your state / Will use you nobly
TN I.v.267[Viola as Cesario to Olivia] my state is well. / I am a gentleman
TN II.v.51[Malvolio to himself] to have the humour of state